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Team coaching

There is true power in effective teams. But even experienced leaders with ambitious goals can struggle with complex team dynamics.

Mix Partners specialises in coaching leadership teams to break the cycles holding them back. We use a simple three-phase process – Magnify, Motivate, Maintain – to find the right approach for your team.


Through creating a safe, honest environment, we'll work with you to overcome barriers make meaningful progress . 

Because this is an open, collaborative process, the results are owned by the team itself. That's what can make team coaching an intervention with lasting impact.

What’s involved


Typically 3-6 months

Phase 1: Magnify

Interviews, surveys, review

Phase 2: Motivate

Workshops, offsites, coaching

Phase 3: Maintain

Embedding learning, evaluation, feedback

Leadership coaching

Leadership can be invigorating but challenging. Creating space to understand your own values and actions will benefit you, your team and your organisation. 

One-to-one coaching with Mix Partners will be a game-changing intervention to help you step into the next phase of your leadership journey with clarity and purpose. We’ll work together to unlock your unique mix of strengths and motivations and find your authentic leadership style. 


Through probing questions and supported self-reflection, we’ll identify what’s holding you back and how to reframe your challenges. 

Coaching can be done in person, online or on the phone – and as part of a team coaching programme or standalone relationship. 

What’s involved


From a week to ongoing

Package 1: The Kick-starter

Three 90-minute sessions for addressing a specific challenge or getting unstuck

Package 2: The Exploration

Six 90-minute sessions to identify and work through a defined set of goals 

Package 3: The Mix Motivator

Monthly coaching over 12 months to support with extended periods of change or challenge

leadership coaching

Facilitation and
team offsites 

In-person strategy days and off-sites play a critical role in great organisations. By bringing teams together, they give time to breath and focus on the most important priorities. 


With the rise of hybrid working, it is more important than ever for teams to make the most of their time together. But without focus they can become a wasted opportunity.


We deliver strategy days with clarity of purpose, a dynamic agenda and proactive facilitation to help you achieve greater clarity and accountability. 


Whether it’s a two-hour workshop or a two-day retreat, we will ensure you use your time together for maximum impact.

What’s involved


Either standalone sessions or quarterly / half year retainer

Facilitation foundations

Identify key aims, build a dynamic agenda 


Facilitate a high-impact workshop


Encourage questioning and challenge to achieve greater clarity and accountability


Focus on clear takeaways and actions

Facilitation anf offsites

The GC Index®

Every organisation can create game-changing teams and cultures by understanding how their people make their best impact. 

We’re proud to partner with The Game-Changing Index® – a people and organisation assessment tool that measures individual and team energy for making the biggest impact to their role, team or organisation.

This powerful tool will help you understand your own and each other's motivators. Find out who in your team is energised by creating ideas, developing a strategy, driving implementation, refining and polishing, or facilitating collaboration. 

The GC Index allows you to explore your strengths and weaknesses as a team, and quickly address challenges holding back team effectiveness.

What’s involved

A 30 minute online assessment

A 60 minute one to one feedback coaching session

A whole team snapshot and facilitated workshop

Impact energy


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